Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas through the eyes of my seven-year-old

To: santa & Mrs. Clas

From: Kate

Dear, Santa

I want . . .

Magic tree house books. Shrek 3. lots of candy canes. A book of tricks. A $10 check. A piano. Hot apple sider tonight and at school. High school musicul cloths.

Your Friend forever,


Lacy said...

"a $10 check" ???
I love that girl!!!!

Mom said...

Would a money order from Quik Trip work instead of a personal check? Ha Ha! She's so funny! Love, Mom

Maria. said...

LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing that with us Jamie! :) Kate makes me smile. She was so excited about wearing her preschool shirt to show Paige, Paige was really confused though since her shirt is exactly the same! Priceless!