Monday, October 8, 2007

My Spectacles Spectacle

So, after about four years of having the same glasses I finally took the plunge (and the ungodly amount of time) and went "frames" shopping. Since it's more about the destination than the journey when it comes to these types of errands, it didn't take me long to find a pair I considered suitable.

All excited, I sit down with the sales clerk as she writes up my order. "Okay," she says, "all I need from you is $299.00." WHAT??!! "You must have forgotten my $200.00 for insurance." I politely reply. "No, the $299.00 is AFTER your $200.00 insurance." Oh.

So I quickly make up an excuse as to why I won't be purchasing said glasses today. Flying out of the store more than a little embarrassed, I decide I'll have to either find a different, WAY cheaper pair, or I'll do what any cheapskate does; I'll find the exact thing on ebay for pennies.

No such luck on the cheapskate route.

Plan B goes into effect. I'll find the same pair, but I'll find them cheaper at a different store. Doing a little Internet research goes a LONG way, my friends. I was able to find a store that offered a forty percent discount on frames. Sign me up. I printed the coupon and headed to the store.

Enter stage right the stereotypical bird brained but lovable character.

I talk with BB (bird brain) about ordering the above frames, then whip out my coupon. My $299.00 out-of-pocket becomes $50.00 --whooo whooo!

BB becomes even more bird brained as a week passes and STILL no frames have been ordered.

Enter Plan C.

I decide to go back to Store Number 1 to see if I can get the same pair of frames, but mention to them that Store Number 2 said they would give it to me at this unbelievable low, low introductory, one time limited offer of forty percent off. "Will you price match?"

"Sure!" Sales Clerk replies. Jackpot, I think to myself. (Along with several other compliments to me about how cunning and clever and smart and so on and so forth I am.)

We order them up, I hand her my prescription, she tells me that they probably won't take but a couple of days because of the ease of the prescription.


Unexpectedly, Sales Clerk calls the next day and informs that that they've already arrived and that I can pick them up between the hours of this and that.

I arrive shortly thereafter and she does all the adjusting, complimenting, yada yada. I put them on and think to myself, "Wow, these are different. I must have been really blind because of not wearing the other ones in so long."

Pulling out of the parking lot I'm halfway scared I'm gonna wreck, 'cause I'm having a hard time adjusting to the newness of them.

Two days pass and I'm wearing them pretty constantly, but I don't seem to be adjusting to them. Weird.

On Day 3 it hits me. I quickly dig through my purse to find the prescription I had given her.

Then I realize just what had happened.

I gave her Paul's prescription by mistake.

"Here, put these on." I tell Paul. He puts them on. He lifts the newspaper. He can see exceptionally well.

On the following Monday I go in to Store Number 1 and sheepishly tell them what happened. I hate when I make myself look stupid. (Unfortunately this kind of thing happens more often then I'd like to admit.)

Sales Clerk tells me that it was a mutual mistake, that she should have caught it as well, being that it wasn't my name on the prescription but my husband's. "This has NEVER happened in the history of our store!" Sales Clerk says. Great, thanks for making me feel even more dim-witted.

She promises to reorder them and again comments that it shouldn't take long to remake, since my prescription is even easier than Paul's.

That was a week ago.

Three phone calls and one "stop in" later, they call me this afternoon and announce that my glasses are ready.

I haven't done the math yet, but I'm pretty sure that my forty percent savings has decreased slightly when offset by the mileage and gas consumption that my mistake caused.

And to think I called BB a bird brain!


Mom said...

Niiiiiiiice! So, does Paul look any better in YOUR frames? Very funny! Love ya'll!

Maria. said...

I think you are looking quite studious in your spectacles! Can't say that same thing about Paul in your glasses though!

Stinky Feet said... you could have gotten some "Cheap Sunglasses". oh yeah!