Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, sometimes you just gotta cave. . .

Okay, so I know I've totally been against the entire concept of blogging. I even went so far as to tell a couple of you that "I'd rather live my life than write about it." Uh, yeah. Bring me your home-baked humble pie & I promise I'll lick the plate clean.

So I'm not sure why the shift, but I guess that's how the Lord works. Lately I've just felt Him prodding me to start blogging. Believe me, I really fought the good fight, but you know who always wins.

At any rate, I guess my hope for this blog is not just to entertain with stories from my day-to-day life, but on the other hand I know I'm not a wise enough woman to move anyone to tears like some of you (yeah, you know who you are!) with words straight from the Lord's mouth. I guess for now I'll just be obedient & let things shake out on their own.

Maybe part of my fear in starting a blog was this: I'm not sure that my inner thoughts will make sense to ANYONE who might come across this little endeavor. So I'll say right now that if you don't get it, you're probably not the only one. Ha, it makes me laugh just thinking of all my friends reading these entries with their heads cocked and a blank look on their face.

Another fear is this: I live a pretty boring life, all in all. Who wants to take the time to read blogs about a person who sits at the computer all day, only to occasionally get up to change over the laundry or have a brief conversation with her dogs?! Maybe I can make up some interesting stories. . . hmmmmmmmm.

Okay, so now that you've taken the time to read the world's longest first blog I'll just reiterate that I named it "rantings of a thirty-something" for a reason. Not mere coincidence, my friends.

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